Should Convicted Online Predators Be Allowed to Use the Internet?

By Dan Ivancic
Author of "InternetSecurity For Parents"

In the United States of America convicted felons can not own or be in possession of a firearm.  There are many people that have diverse opinions on this matter because not everyone that has been convicted of a felony is a violent person.

A perfect example is a person charged with a DWI, in many states this can be a felony but does that mean this person is violent and would be a likely candidate to commit a crime with a gun; I would say it’s not likely.

How does this relate to online predators? Good question, an online predator is someone that uses the Internet to solicit sex with a minor.  I think this is one of the worst crimes someone can commit and there should be more laws governing the rights of a convicted online predator.

For instance, once someone has been convicted of using the Internet to solicit sex with a minor then these individuals should no longer be allowed to use the Internet.  Odds are that once these individuals are released from jail and they start using the Internet again there’s a fairly good chance they will commit the same crime.

So why doesn’t our government do more to prevent these criminals from committing these types of crimes more than once?

Maybe the FCC should mandate that all Internet Service Providers check a list of known convicted online predators before giving someone a new Internet service plan in their home.  This still wouldn’t be fool proof but it would be a good start and this would add much more regulation for online predators for which there is a lack of right now.


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