Are Your Children Safe Online?

Discover Why Most Kid's Are at Risk to Online Predators and More

Dear Parent,

Children are being approached online by people they don’t know at an alarming rate.  The majority of kids that are approached are under the age of 15.  Every year the percentage of child victims from this epidemic continues to grow.  Is your child in danger of becoming a statistic?

Do you know what they’re doing when they’re online?

Any parent with a child knows that the thought of their child getting mixed up with an online predator is nothing but trouble.  Millions of children log on the internet each and every day.  It used to be that the television dominated most of their time.  Now with the internet, television is just a passing memory.

Just like adults, children use the internet to surf and communicate with their friends.  However, every day they access the Internet is another day where they can get into something they’re not supposed to.  Some children have adult supervision the entire time they’re online; but what about the ones that don’t? 

Parents that have full-time jobs or are constantly on the go don’t have that luxury.  They for the most part, have to trust their instincts and hope their child does the right thing or that their child doesn't get lured by a manipulative online predator. 

On the other side of the computer, there are strangers ready to pounce on their next victim

Your child is your responsibility, so you owe it to them and yourself to make sure the online environment around them is safe.  Predators will do everything possible to remove that trust away from you and steer it toward them. With monitoring, you’ll be able to know your child’s every move on the internet.

Children will download anything that’s free.  They know that they won’t have to bother you about buying it for them.  However, some of these items shouldn’t be downloaded because of potential threats to your computer that also can put parents at risk to identity theft.  This book will let you know the forbidden free downloads and why they should not be downloaded on your computer.

If your child should happen to download any of the “forbidden freebies”, your computer is subject to being infected with spyware and malware.  In this book, you will discover...

Signs that you may have them... How they affect your computer... How you can get rid of them

What you as a parent can do to protect the safety and privacy of your child

These predators come in all forms. There is no one standard for them. Your child may be thinking they’re having a conversation with someone their age. Come to find out, it’s a stranger looking for the next child victim.  Most of the time these weirdoes are not in their right frame of mind. It doesn’t matter what kind of background the child is from.

Preying for a child online is an equal opportunity setup. Your child could come from one of several classes: wealthy, middle class or poor. There is no prejudice when it comes to young children.  No matter what type of upbringing your child has, they are still at risk from being lured into this online trap.

Social networking is hot, and if your child is looking to make friends online, don’t be surprised if they become part of this online era.  As a parent, you must educate yourself on the dangers that come with your child getting involved with social networking sites.


1) Different ways your child could be accessing these sites other than the home computer

2) Why they should be careful about posting their personal information online. In reality, they shouldn’t be doing it and this book explains why

3) Why you should follow their every move on social networking sites

4) Where in your house you should not install a computer and why

5) Why it’s not a good idea for your child to upload photographs of themselves on the internet for strangers to see

What will you learn inside this book?

You will also discover...

  • How most kids unintentionally put themselves at risk!
  • Why predators use the Internet to find unsuspecting prey
  • How to locate registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood.
  • The first thing parents should check online.
  • Your kid would never talk to an online predator, right? Wrong they mostly likely have or will in the near future.
  • The innocent information kids post on social networking web sites that has been responsible for young girls and boys getting raped, is your child posting this online?
  • Discover what online activity hundreds of thousands of kids are par taking in that is resulting in multi thousand dollar lawsuits that parents are left paying.
  • Why many parent's become victims of identity theft, Are your kids to blame?
  • Discover why most family computers are setup wrong and why it instantly puts you and your children at risk if it is setup wrong.
  • Learn about the new bullying trend that bullies are using that has caused many young teens to commit suicide and what you can do if your child is the next victim.
  • How your kids can access the Internet without a computer.
  • How to tell if your kids are using the Internet to find deadly drug recipes that can be made with household items.

How Much Is That Worth To You?

You can have all the information in one easy to read book for only $11.95. This all inclusive book will explain in simplified terms all the questions that have eluded you in your internet searches or textbooks on the subject.

Sometimes it seems as though the internet is your child’s best friend. Being online has turned into another world for them. The good thing about this is there are things they can do that can be rewarding and provide educational insight. On the other hand, there are areas online that provide your child in unknown waters. You as a parent, should be mindful of providing them with guidance and a strong sense of security. 

It’s important for you to stay informed and involved because the online world changes in an instant and the change is constant. One minute your child may be involved in this; the next minute it may be something else. So, it’s very important to keep up with what your child is involved in online.

Getting this book will help you navigate through keeping your child safe amid a sea full of predators who would like nothing more than to take a shot at getting your child’s attention. That’s why establishing and having a relationship with your child is so very key to their success and safety online.


Is that fair or what?

Look at it this way - $11.95 really is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you can save yourself by avoiding other outdated long boring books.

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If there's just one more important thing I can say, it's that I think the only way to stop online predators is by getting parents actively involved with their child's Internet activity. All the efforts put together by our law enforcement agencies make a great contribution to help catch these online predators in their tracks, but they can not catch all of them.

It's up to parents to make sure their kids are safe online!

Are your kids safe online?

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Dan Ivancic

P. S. As a parent, the choice is yours. You can choose to sit back and do nothing, or you can choose to take IMMEDIATE action to preserve your child’s well being online. If you really love your child, you won’t hesitate to buy this book and keep your child safe.


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